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    Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
    8:37 am
    HP Podfic Fest - yay!

    Posting begins at [info]hp_podfic_fest on December 1!!!

    Harry Potter To-Go!
    Come join us for the Harry Potter winter fest you can put in your pocket and take with you!
    Sunday, March 22nd, 2009
    2:49 pm
    Woo hooo! Got the job I was after; I get to play with ArcGIS and FME Workench, and other cool new things!
    Toys! I gots more toys!
    Mood is 8-) (hmmm - looks a little like an owl).
    My holidays are sooo messed up, but hopefuly I can carry more over than strictly allowed. Mind you, I was going to do loads of writing and drawing, and fix up my 'puter.
    The next few chapters of Mistaken Identity are altering in my head as I've not had the time to update, but that may not be a bad thing.

    Current Mood: happy
    Thursday, February 12th, 2009
    9:03 pm
    Ok - I was drawing my pic for Snarco/Drapery, but there were two others that were kicking me while I was doing it.
    I _might_ post both up there, but I certainly have posted my original and another up.
    I _definitely_ need to find another pace to host some art, seeing how DA seems to have gone the way of LJ.
    Anyways, enjoy, when the fest goes up!
    Sunday, February 1st, 2009
    3:22 pm
    Links to my fics
    OK, you might want to check these out.
    First off, some Snarry, because I really like writing Snape and Harry.
    This one's kind of sweet, and is a one-shot I did for the Snarry games. It has two men having sex in it, so if you don't like slash, please don't read this. It is fairly explicit, but also erotic. View here:
    or here:
    This one's about a minor character from the HP series, and is a vignette; view here:
    or here:
    Finally, one about Albus I wrote after Accio, and a WROCK! concert some of us went to afterwards. Just a little feel-good fic. View here:
    or here:
    My other stuff can be found by following links back, and needs rather more warnings than I wish to place here. If you want to have a read, follow the breadcrumbs.
    I've also got some art up on DeviantArt here:
    although I need to find a home for an XXX rated pic which was taken down. Sigh. I don't think it actually was that high a rating, but ... it's the one which is my avatar.

    Have fun. AmanitaMuscaria
    (And yes, I'm into mycology.)

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Sunday, December 28th, 2008
    6:01 pm
    Have a look at this fic; Precious Illusions by Kat Reitz and Tzigane - not fully IC, but an interesting plot and some good twists on Malfoy evilness and Snape's mind unravelling.

    Hope everyone had a happy Yule,
    Thursday, December 18th, 2008
    8:48 am
    trying to get onto Snarry_games - I have NO idea why I've suddenly gone into fanfic in this way - guess my long depression in the early 2000's messed it up then ...
    Maybe because I'm back doing databases again.
    Who knows.
    Tuesday, January 1st, 2008
    2:56 pm
    New Year
    Quiet night last night, wandered down to the Bay to see the fireworks.
    Projects this year -
    Get a new job before the old one disappears.
    Work on my historic fic
    Do more artwork
    Get my Accio and Sectus registrations sorted
    Do more exercise
    Write a fanfic for Big Bang, Baby

    So, not a lot on my list, then!
    How about you?

    Cheers, AmanitaMuscaria

    Current Mood: calm
    Current Music: bit of blues
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